Data transformation is the process of converting data from one format to another, the “T” in ELT, or extract, load, transform, which enables organizations to get their data analytics-ready and derive insights and value from it. As companies collect more data, from disparate sources and in disparate formats, building and managing transformations has become exponentially more complex and time-consuming.

The Snowflake Data Cloud includes powerful capabilities for transforming data and orchestrating data pipelines, and we partner with best-in-class providers to give customers a choice in the data transformation technologies they use. Today, we are excited to announce that Snowflake Ventures is investing in our partner, Coalesce, which offers an intuitive, low-code transformation platform for developing and managing data pipelines. The Coalesce platform is uniquely built for Snowflake.

Coalesce allows data teams to build complex transformations quickly and efficiently without deep coding expertise, while still providing all the extensibility the most technical Snowflake users will need. This expands the number of users who can contribute to data projects and enhances collaboration. Coalesce automatically generates Snowflake-native SQL and supports Snowflake data engineering features such as Snowpark, Dynamic Tables, AI/ML capabilities, and more.

Our investment helps Coalesce to continue providing first-class experiences for Snowflake users, including integrating closely to take advantage of the latest Data Cloud innovations. Coalesce will also lean into Snowpark Container Services and the Snowflake Native App Framework to provide a seamless user experience. With Snowflake Native Apps, customers can instantly deploy Coalesce on their Snowflake account and transact directly through Snowflake Marketplace.

Our goal at Snowflake is to provide developers, data engineers, and other users with optimal choice in the tools they use to prepare and manage data. We will continue to add new transformation capabilities to the Data Cloud and look forward to working with Coalesce to provide the best possible experience for transforming data so organizations can unlock the full potential of their data.