With the accelerated pace of AI innovation, cybersecurity organizations are looking for new ways to empower their team members and automate security operations. Cybersecurity teams increasingly use the Data Cloud to unify security data in a scalable analytics platform to improve threat detection and response. At the same time, most enterprises have invested in monolithic security information and event management (SIEM) platforms that they can’t easily move away from without a major disruption of their business.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new investment that gives customers an easy path to adopting a more scalable security data lake architecture so they can scale their AI strategies, while empowering near-unlimited visibility across their business and bringing advanced SIEM capabilities to their SOC.

Snowflake has invested in Anvilogic, the first multi-data platform SIEM company that recently raised a $45M Series C round led by Evolution Equity Partners. Anvilogic bridges the gap between monolithic SIEMs and cloud data platforms, making it easier for security teams to leverage the benefits of the Data Cloud without having to rip and replace their existing SIEMs.

With the rising concerns of just how much security data is not being analyzed due to the monolithic architecture and budget constraints of traditional locked-in SIEMs, there is no better time to leverage the cost-efficient and scalable opportunities that Snowflake provides. Over half of security data at many organizations is orphaned outside of the SIEM, creating silos of dark data that aren’t analyzed for threat detection. With Anvilogic deeply integrated with the Data Cloud, our joint customers can gradually transition security data and related workloads into Snowflake at the pace that suits their needs while reducing SIEM costs by 80%. 

The Data Cloud’s consumption-based pricing model and lower storage and compute costs reduce the need for security operations teams to compromise their security posture to control high ingest and retention costs. The powerful combination of Anvilogic and Snowflake provides customers with modern, seamless threat detection and response capabilities, all with centralized processing from Snowflake’s unified platform.

With this investment, Anvilogic will also take the first step toward delivering more turnkey capabilities that customers can quickly consume and leverage for their security needs by building a Snowflake Native App. Paired with the AI capabilities of Snowflake Cortex AI, Anvilogic’s Native App will provide joint customers with new generative AI experiences for automated threat hunting directly on top of their data in the Data Cloud. Anvilogic also brings AI to the forefront, offering health, tuning, and automation opportunities within the Snowflake security data lake. 

Anvilogic unveiled the second generation of Monte Copilot at the RSAC 2024, a Generative AI chatbot that enhances security operations within the platform and even converts natural language queries into precise SQL search logic, making it easier to bridge the detection engineering and threat-hunting skills needed to use across Snowflake effectively, facilitating its adoption for new users.

Our investment in Anvilogic continues Snowflake’s commitment to providing a best-in-class platform to help security teams analyze their data at scale and strengthen their security posture. It follows investments and partnerships with other leading security players as we continue to expand our cybersecurity offerings. 

We look forward to sharing more details about what this new investment and closer partnership with Anvilogic will bring.