The AI Data Cloud unlocks the power of data for technical and non-technical users alike, including data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and business users. When employees can collaborate seamlessly to generate new insights, share findings and create efficient workflows, organizations can drive even more efficiency, unlocking value from their data, faster.

Today, Snowflake Ventures has announced that we are increasing our investment in Hex, a connected front end for the data stack that allows the different personas who work with data to collaborate easily and efficiently in a single platform. Hex allows users to connect, explore and visualize data, share work in real time with peers, and publish interactive data apps, all through an intuitive and flexible user interface.

Hex has also created innovative AI features that allow data scientists and data engineers to automate coding tasks and pinpoint the sources of data they need quickly, saving them hours of development work and boosting productivity. With new intuitive, end-to-end no-code workflows, Hex will extend their reach to a wider set of users.

Hex has been a SnowflakeTechnology Partner since 2021 and we share many joint customers. The company will be doubling down on Snowpark Container Services, and taking advantage of some of the innovative AI features coming to the Snowflake platform soon.

This investment reflects our ongoing commitment to ensuring our customers have choice in the tools and technologies they can work with in the AI Data Cloud. We look forward to expanding our close technical and go-to-market relationship with Hex to ensure that more of our joint customers can unlock value from their data and drive business outcomes.