Using Snowflake’s platform as a security data lake is an incredibly compelling use case for Snowflake, increasingly common with our customers. Consequently, we see tremendous value in leaning on the domain expertise within our partner ecosystem to simplify adoption and accelerate progress for our customer security departments. That’s why today we’re excited to announce a Series A investment in Hunters, an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) company. Hunters is a great example of how investing in best-in-class solutions built on Snowflake extends our ability to mobilize data and contributes to the powerful network effects of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

There’s no shortage of well-established threat detection solutions on the market, so why Hunters? 

The security experts at Hunters recognized that effective threat detection and response requires a data platform that delivers virtually unlimited performance and scale. They were also early to identify that Snowflake’s architecture is uniquely suited to the data volumes and complexity of today’s security analytics. With the full power of the Data Cloud available to each Snowflake customer, Hunters found that they can run their sophisticated automation directly on the customer’s data platform

We believe that this is the new paradigm for security analytics. Rather than building vertically integrated silos, the security vendors that succeed in the Data Cloud era will be those that bring their capabilities to the customer’s data platform. It takes confidence for a vendor to let go of their data silo but Hunters has proven that this model is not just good security posture, it’s good for rapid growth and adoption.

We believe partnering with Hunters can help our customers to better secure their organizations and expand the Data Cloud’s role in cybersecurity.

For more information on our investment focus, visit the Snowflake Ventures website, here.