We’re excited to announce today that we’re reinforcing our commitment and deepening our partnership with Sigma with an expanded investment from Snowflake Ventures. 

Sigma is a leading business intelligence and analytics solution that makes it easy for employees to explore live data, create compelling visualizations and collaborate with colleagues. Sigma allows employees to break free of dashboards and build workflows, powered by write-back to Snowflake through their unique Input Tables capability with no coding skills required. Importantly Sigma also delivers an embedded experience for providing interactive data experiences. 

As part of this enhanced partnership, Sigma will become available as a Snowflake Native App, available in Snowflake Marketplace, which will allow customers to leverage Sigma’s world class data intelligence technologies where their data already lives – in the AI Data Cloud. 

There are a number of benefits to leveraging this deployment model. For customers, their data remains within their control, and all within the secure and governed environment of the AI Data Cloud. Snowflake customers can also easily discover new data apps on Snowflake Marketplace and draw-down credits from their existing Snowflake purchase, streamlining the legal and procurement experience and time to value.

Sigma is one of the fastest growing applications on Snowflake and we already have almost a thousand joint customers, including DoorDash, Blackstone and Moffitt Cancer Center. We’re delighted to be expanding our partnership with Sigma and making it even easier for our customers to unlock the power of BI and data visualization in the AI Data Cloud.

To learn more, tune in to the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit next week where many of these new features will be introduced, along with updates on all the other exciting development work we’ve been doing at Snowflake.

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