Snowflake at Strata 2015

Author: Jon Bock

Market News

We’re still catching our breath after a packed time at the Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose.

If one had to pick a theme for the Strata conference over the last several years, it would be hard to argue with «change and evolution» as capturing the one constant. Each year there have been a flurry of new startups, new initiatives, and new products–only some of which are still to be found the following year.

A few years ago the show had a lot of discussion around «what can the new big data technologies do». That shifted to «how can I connect these technologies to what I already have», and this year I saw that the focus has now become «how do I deploy and get value out of this technology.»

Particularly relevant to Snowflake, that evolution has come full circle–a few years ago, some people were asking whether the data warehouse was about to become obsolete, eliminated by one of the many SQL compatibility layers in development for one of the noSQL data platforms. This year, it was broadly accepted that noSQL platforms and SQL data warehouses both have value and that neither is going to eliminate the other. When you need to do fast SQL reporting and analytics, there’s nothing like a well-built data warehouse to deliver that, regardless of the form in which data arrives and the sources from which it arrives.

We left the show more excited than ever from talking with people about Snowflake. There were lots of great conversations, excited customers, and intrigued partners. A few of the highlights:

    • First-place winner in the Startup Showcase. We’re honored to have been selected by a panel of the Strata judges as the top winner from a pool of startups at the show. It’s great to get validation for what we’ve been working on for the last 2+ years.


    • KIXEYE on stage talking about Snowflake. Online gaming company KIXEYE shared their experience getting up and running with Snowflake in a breakout session that really made it real for me how quickly a company in the gaming space needs to adapt its data pipeline to keep the product teams supplied with the data they need to continuously improve games.


  • Steady flow of interest from attendees. We were busy for almost the entire show talking with attendees about what we’ve done. We heard a lot about how people needed a fast, easy, scalable SQL data warehouse. A lot of great conversations got started that will be continuing after the show as well.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, stay tuned for one of the other opportunities to meet Snowflake face-to-face. We look forward to hearing from you soon!