Being able to share and collaborate with 1st party data securely is a baseline requirement for modern enterprise data analytics. But many organizations need to go a step further, collaborating on data with their partners while also strictly controlling who can see that information to ensure compliance with regulatory, privacy, security and other requirements.

This reality has fueled the rise of data clean rooms, which enable multiple companies, or divisions of a single company, to combine or share data for joint analysis while maintaining user-defined restrictions that keep data sovereign, private and secure. In advertising, data clean rooms are enabling marketers to improve campaign performance while providing identity and measurement, and media companies have a privacy-based approach to grow revenue.

This dynamic of partners collaborating using their data is beginning to spread across other industries. For example, in Retail/CPG, Financial Services, and Healthcare, data clean rooms can allow organizations to deliver better outcomes for their customers through more personalized offerings or deliver better patient care through having the ability to bring new drugs to market faster. With data clean rooms, organizations can also further monetize their data by opening new avenues for secure data collaboration.

Snowflake is a foundation for building data clean rooms, and today we are announcing an investment that will make it even easier for companies across industries to take advantage of privacy-preserving clean room functionality.

Snowflake is excited to invest in Samooha, a multi-industry cleanroom solution, which provides tools that enable businesses to design and deploy data clean rooms using pre-defined, highly customizable templates. Samooha is built on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud, which means customers can deploy their clean rooms directly at the source of their data, with no data movement required. Samooha’s offering, as a multi-industry cleanroom product, is a unique approach aligned to the emerging opportunity across the major industry categories. Samooha is making the secure sharing of data accessible for both within, and across enterprises, ensuring consumer data privacy while also being able to leverage those insights for business value.

As a Native Application on Snowflake, Samooha takes advantage of the privacy-preserving collaboration capabilities of the Data Cloud, as well as Snowflake’s Snowpark and in-development Streamlit technologies, which enable developers to build highly performant data applications using the languages and tools of their choice. Samooha offers the cleanroom application as a dual mode addressing needs for the non-technical constituents with a no-code, UI driven experience while also offering a developer mode access for the technical, power users in an enterprise. Samooha chose Snowflake as their platform of choice due to our product-centric posture and ecosystem of partners and solutions that enable a rapid pace of innovation.

This investment will help to ensure that Samooha continues to be available to our customers and that it can leverage the newest capabilities in Snowflake. 

Snowflake will continue to seek opportunities to enhance the value that data clean rooms can provide across all businesses and industries.