The move to the cloud has caused security data volumes to explode, and the ability to analyze that data at scale is essential to staying ahead of today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. The problem is, traditional SIEM products limit how much data can be stored and for how long, and they lack the advanced analytics required for effective threat detection and response.

That’s why Snowflake has been partnering with leading security vendors to make their solutions available directly on the Data Cloud, so customers can rely on Snowflake as the home of their security data. Our elastic architecture allows security teams to store massive amounts of historical data cost-effectively, right alongside the powerful analytics tools they require to detect and mitigate threats.

We’re pleased to announce today that Snowflake has invested in Securonix, which has been a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management three times. The investment solidifies our partnership and will help ensure that Securonix continues to take advantage of the very latest capabilities we bring to the Data Cloud.

This is a big win for security teams, because unifying security data and keeping it available for longer periods is essential for keeping up with sophisticated threats. Consider that the SolarWinds attack campaign, for example, went on for well over a year before it was uncovered. In response to this and other recent high profile breaches, the U.S. government said last year it will require federal agencies to expand their event collection and deploy behavior analytics to help reduce the impact of future cyberattacks. 

These needs simply can’t be met with traditional SIEMs. Such solutions force users to limit how much data they can afford to collect, and to work around retention limits by shoving data into cold storage systems where it is no longer readily available for threat detection and incident response. As security data volume and complexity continue to grow, the most effective way to provide security teams the intelligence they need is by building on a cloud-native architecture.

Partnering with Snowflake is also a big win for security vendors because it helps solve their data storage needs and provides their customers access to best-in-class analytics capabilities. It also helps them achieve faster time to market by allowing them to focus on their core security differentiators instead of having to build and maintain complex cloud infrastructure.

In this sense, our partnership with Securonix is an example of a wider trend in which SaaS companies are increasingly storing and processing customer data on their customers’ data platforms rather than on their own. This “connected application” model extends beyond cybersecurity to many functional areas and is increasingly a motivation for our investments.

As security data volumes continue to grow and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, our investment in Securonix will help ensure that our customers are well equipped to protect their systems, users, and sensitive information. If data and advanced analytics are key to detecting and mitigating threats, Snowflake and Securonix are a powerful combination to address our customers’ security needs.