Data-driven businesses recognize the value of accessing more data to help deliver business outcomes and improve decision-making. However, many companies still struggle with the time and effort required to prepare and load massive amounts of data from the wide variety of SaaS and on-premises systems they maintain. And once that data is available, enabling access can become a significant challenge without the necessary governance and security controls.

That is why we are delighted to announce that Snowflake Ventures has invested in Matillion, a leading enterprise cloud data integration platform specialized in ELT (extract, load and transform). Working with Snowflake, Matillion reduces the friction of making data available from multiple sources into the Data Cloud where business teams can generate the insights that drive better business decision-making.

Matillion has been a long-time partner and its ETL Platform and Data Loader software are purpose-built for Snowflake, which is leveraged by close to 1,000 joint customers including Cisco, DocuSign and Slack. As a result of this strengthened partnership, Matillion will now become among the first of our Data Integration partners to adopt and leverage our newly announced Snowflake Native Application Framework, in private preview, to make their connectors instantly available to customers on the Snowflake platform. 

By bringing native connectors directly to the Snowflake Data Cloud, Matillion will allow joint customers  across industries to discover and install integrations from within their Snowflake accounts. From a governance perspective, the data never flows through a third party service before reaching Snowflake; instead, the data travels directly from the source system(s) to Snowflake, simplifying data governance, improving security, and streamlining connectivity.

Snowflake Native Applications will help simplify the process of building, monetizing and deploying applications in the Data Cloud. Working with partners like Matillion, we will continue to add more connectors and additional capabilities that bring processing closer to the data with the governance controls necessary to open more access. With Matillion connectors available in Snowflake, customers will be able to quickly discover, install, and configure integrations directly from their Snowflake account. By keeping the data within their control, these customers can further unlock the value of their data by getting it in the hands of the users that need it most.

For more information on our investment framework, visit the Snowflake Ventures website here.