Here at Snowflake, our primary focus is always on what we can do to make life easier for our customers, both through the inherent capabilities of our Data Cloud, and in combination with the functionality provided by a select group of best-of-breed partners. One example of this is our technology partnerships to streamline and improve the data governance experience for our customers, particularly those in highly regulated industries such as financial services, government, healthcare, and high-tech.

Faced with an exponential increase in the number of users needing to access or combine data, many organizations are struggling. Organizations have to be able to scale up their data policy management in compliance with security and data privacy regulations in order to unlock the benefits of data collaboration.

Today, Snowflake Ventures announced that we are among the Series E investors in Immuta, a leading cloud data  access and data security company. In its latest funding round, Immuta has raised $100 million, bringing its overall financing to over $250 million. Already a member of our Data Governance Accelerated Program, Immuta’s automated data access platform is used by data engineers as well as security and privacy officers to maintain highly granular, dynamic control over and visibility into who within an enterprise can access cloud data and for what purposes.

Through our investment in Immuta, we’re further strengthening our existing partnership and more closely aligning our roadmap vision for the future of data governance through deeper product integrations. Together, we can provide customers with enterprise-wide data governance at scale which includes advanced security, access control, auditing, and privacy management.

As our joint customers look to modernize their current data stacks, they want their users to be able to access and share the cloud data they need without needing to make copies of that information, while also benefiting from automated compliance with regulatory and contractual business policies.

For more information on our investment framework, visit the Snowflake Ventures website here.