Organizations are putting their data science teams under increasing pressure to rapidly deliver business outcomes and improve decision-making based on machine learning models. However, all too often, data scientists are unable to live up to such high expectations as they have to spend time manually moving data in and out of different platforms as they work to prepare data, combine the information with other sources, and then develop, optimize and share their machine learning models. As a result, within enterprises, different data science teams may end up effectively working in data silos and so be unable to effectively collaborate.

At Snowflake we continue to invest in our technology and ecosystem to ensure customers can use their preferred tooling that is seamlessly integrated and connected to their data. In alignment with this strategy Snowflake Ventures is delighted to announce our investment in Domino Data Lab, a leading enterprise MLOps platform. Domino helps data scientists and their IT peers collaboratively develop, deploy, and monitor a larger number of machine learning models faster and more cost-efficiently. 

As a result of this investment and partnership, the two companies have combined the flexibility of model building in Domino with the scalability and power of Snowflake’s platform for in-database computation. Customers can train models in Snowflake using Snowpark, then deploy these models directly from Domino to the Snowflake Data Cloud for in-database scoring. Additionally, data science teams are able to automatically set up prediction data capture pipelines and monitoring for models deployed to the Snowflake Data Cloud. In this way, they can simplify their enterprise infrastructure with a common platform across IT and data science teams.

This investment with Domino solidifies our partnership and joint commitment to help our enterprise customers leverage the power of the Data Cloud through the adoption of machine learning models.

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