These are incredibly exciting times for Snowflake, especially because we have so many passionate users—across different roles like BI, data science, IT, line-of-business, development, and more—who frequently ask questions, love to share knowledge, and help other users. To further scale this community, we’re moving our forum to Stack Overflow because millions of data professionals and software engineers already use Stack Overflow as the default place for Q&A.

Whether you are interested in data warehouse performance, setup or deployments, connectors, machine learning pipelines, or developing data apps, you can ask questions and respond to conversations on the [snowflake] tag on Stack Overflow.  


Q: What happens to the existing forum?

We ask that you use Stack Overflow for all technical Q&A. The existing Snowflake forum can be your resource for Snowflake account-related questions such as getting support access or resetting passwords.

Q: How should I tag my Snowflake questions?

Use the “[snowflake]” tag. Depending on the topic, you may also want to use additional tags, for example, you can include tags for the language, library, and API that your question relates to.

Q: How should I ask questions?

Stack Overflow asks that your question is specific and succinct. You should also include relevant information like error messages, or other circumstances that make your question different from similar questions already on the site. See the Stack Overflow’s guideline.

Q: Will other Community sections like Ideas, Blog, Announcements, Support Portal, and comments be disabled?

No. Everything will remain the same with the Snowflake Community. We’re just moving the technical conversations to [snowflake] tag on Stack Overflow.