In March, Snowflake continued to enhance its capabilities around data programmability and data pipeline development, with the Snowpark API and stored procedures for Java now in public preview, schema detection now generally available, and the Snowflake SQL API generally available. In addition, Snowflake’s user interface, Snowsight, is generally available. Not to mention an expanded selection of new partners to choose from in Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Data pipelines and programmability

Schema detection now generally available

We are happy to announce that with this release, schema detection is now generally available. With schema detection, you can more easily onboard data —with support for retrieving column definitions from a set of files in cloud storage containing semi-structured data. Column definitions include the names and data types of columns in the files. You can use this information to simplify the creation of standard landing tables, external tables, or views to query the data. Schema detection supports Apache Parquet, Apache Avro, and ORC files. Get more details about this new capability.

Streams on views preview

With streams on views, table streams have been extended to track change data capture (CDC) records for views, including secure views (but not materialized views). Data consumers can also create streams on secure views shared using Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. This feature enables data consumers to track data manipulation language (DML) changes made in the shared views. Read more about streams on views in public preview here.

Snowpark API and stored procedures for Java—preview

Snowpark is a new developer experience that we’re using to bring deeply integrated, DataFrame-style programming to the languages developers like to use. We are happy to announce that Snowpark support for Java API and Snowpark stored procedures for Java are now available in public preview. Snowpark opens up the data programmability of Snowflake to non-SQL developers so they can use their preferred languages and tools while getting the benefits of the Snowflake Data Cloud’s performance, ease-of-use, and scalability. Now with support for stored procedures, you can host your Snowpark pipelines right inside Snowflake using a Snowflake virtual warehouse as the compute framework, while naturally integrating with Snowflake features like Tasks for scheduling. This simplifies the end-to-end story by reducing the number of systems involved and by keeping everything self-contained in Snowflake.

Read more about how Snowpark makes building complex data pipelines a breeze—allowing developers to interact with Snowflake directly without moving data. Learn more about new features in public preview, or just get started with Snowpark.

Snowflake SQL API––general availability

The Snowflake SQL API is now generally available. You can use this REST API to access and update data in a Snowflake database and develop custom applications. The SQL API allows you to execute standard queries and most DDL and DML statements. Get started now, or read more about the Snowflake SQL API.

User interface

Snowsight now generally available 

Snowsight is a new user interface that enables users to get from data to decision faster. With Snowsight, you can analyze your data in Snowflake, generate and share insights with colleagues, and administer your Snowflake account. This release demonstrates our commitment to provide an integrated and seamless experience for crucial data tasks. To get started, click on the Snowsight button. Read more on the Snowflake blog.

Performance Improvements
Latency and concurrency improvements for interactive use cases now generally available 

More than 100 customers have tried the private preview of our latency and concurrency improvements to support their interactive use cases. Now, improved throughput and faster execution of queries are generally available for every Snowflake user. If you would like to compare the performance before and after enabling these improvements, review our guide for querying the account usage views. Hear from the community and learn more on the Snowflake blog.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

Snowflake customers can tap into Snowflake Data Marketplace for access to more than 1100 live and ready-to-query data sets from over 240 third-party data providers and data service providers (as of January 31, 2022), as well as market their own products across the Snowflake Data Cloud. Visit Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Recently added Snowflake Data Marketplace providers

Merchant payment processing data
North American Bancard 

North American Bancard (NAB) provides relevant data related to the requesting merchant or agent. This includes both merchant and transactional payment processing data that can be used to perform analysis of the business for the merchants/agents. Based on the agreement, the frequency of the data will be adjusted to accommodate the requestors needs. A leading payment technology innovator, NAB offers payment solutions for merchants in almost any industry, supported by simplified customer, employee, and inventory management that maximizes profitability. Learn more.

Activation for social platforms

Hightouch enables you to activate data from Snowflake on social platforms like Facebook, Snap, TikTok, and LinkedIn—without file transfers. This allows you to turn Snowflake into an advertising and marketing engine. Enterprises like Warner Music Group, Flickr, and Plaid use Hightouch to accelerate marketing growth, improve ad spend, reduce customer churn, and supercharge operational efficiency. Learn more.

Sample personas
Gravy Analytics 

Gravy Analytics brings data about people, places, and events together to understand human mobility—helping companies enhance their sales and marketing strategies and optimize business operations. This includes delivery of meaningful consumer personas that help brands understand a consumer’s actual interests and buying intent. This data is built on verified mobile location signals from 150M+ devices in the United States each month. It connects real-world consumer behavior to thousands of leading brands, millions of places of commercial interest, and events to identify groups like foodies, frequent shoppers, in-market auto buyers, retirees, and pre-movers. Learn more.


Cybersixgill is a new breed of cyber threat intelligence, offering a full suite of solutions that are powered by the largest automated collection of deep, dark, and clear web activity on the market. Widely used by enterprises, MSSPs, governments, and law enforcement entities, Cybersixgill solutions are scalable, searchable, and seamlessly integrated into existing security stacks, equipping security teams with the insights they need to protect their various assets in the face of ever-accelerating cyber threats. Snowflake users can get early warnings of malware threats and block items that threaten their organization. Learn more.


KELA takes away fear of unknown dark web digital threats all organizations face. Trusted worldwide, its combined solution of automated threat intelligence technology and deep staff expertise delivers actionable threat intelligence that is highly relevant to organizations. The company’s dark web security data lake (DARKBEAST) holds a rich bank of processed intelligence to research and analyze cyber threats. This data—spanning closed forums, illicit markets, automated cybercrime shops, instant messaging channels used by criminals, and more—can be used by defenders in order to understand how their infrastructure is viewed by attackers and facilitate intelligence-driven defense. Learn more.

North America oil & gas well data

WellDatabase consolidates, normalizes, and analyzes oil and gas well level data from hundreds of sources—including permits, completions, frac, production, and more. It covers a full data set of all public oil and gas data for the United States and Western Canada (updated throughout every day), plus a full regulatory database of all public filings. Learn more.

People Data Labs

People Data Labs builds B2B data for developers, engineers, and data scientists. Every day, clients use their data to build person profiles, enrich person records, power predictive modeling, drive artificial intelligence, and build new tools to make their teams more efficient, productive, and successful. This is their free company data set of company profiles with reduced fields—including intelligence on 10 million companies. The data in this file is updated quarterly, covering global companies with at least 1 employee in the PDL dataset. People Data Labs also lists a paid company data set. Learn more.

People Data Labs

Every day, clients use People Data Labs data to build person profiles, enrich person records, power predictive modeling, drive artificial intelligence and build new tools to make their teams more efficient, productive, and successful. This data set offers an industry-leading database of professional and social profiles from across the globe—containing over 3 billion profiles on people in its identity graph. Customers will commonly license “slices” of this data set that focus on a single primary key that best fits their use case. This data covers global profiles with at least one piece of identifying information. Learn more.


Understanding customers and prospects is critical to the future success of your marketing. FullContact recognizes real people in real time, instantly linking fragmented identifiers that you can use to increase omnichannel reach and individualize media approaches. FullContact provides a real-time, privacy-centric, identity resolution solution that amplifies existing digital identifiers. For each identifier such as an email address or a MAID, FullContact will return mobile ad IDs and/or hashed emails per individual. These insights can be leveraged to reach engaged customers wherever they are. Learn more.

Health & Life Sciences

Defining provider quality ratings is a complex task. Sites such as Healthgrades, Ratemds, and Vitals primarily rely on patient reviews to score physicians, but generally these ratings are subject to opinions rather than true quality of care or treatment. NTT DATA’s “rating” module tracks and provides quality and cost rating scores for each National Provider Identifier (NPI) being tracked in the state of Virginia (U.S.). NTT DATA has partnered with Snowflake to provide these ratings. Learn more.


CareJourney’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically relevant analytics and insights in the pursuit of the optimal healthcare journey. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, CareJourney currently supports leading payer, provider, and life sciences organizations across the United States in achieving its goals by wringing new, high-value insights out of expansive population claims data. CareJourney’s cloud-based analytics platform provides clinically relevant insights to help value-based care organizations gain market and cohort intelligence, build and grow networks, improve provider performance, identify leakage and strengthen referrals, and better manage at-risk populations. Learn more.

Mobile engagement

Vibes helps companies to grow and activate consumer relationships with thoughtful, relevant, high-volume, and global-scale mobile engagement from text to wallet. The company’s software platform enables marketers and customer loyalty professionals to connect with consumers using a unified native platform of SMS, MMS, dynamic wallet, mobile push notifications, app inbox, and performance analytics, to become the backbone for these brands’ overall digital engagement strategies. Vibes Messaging and Subscriber data includes when consumers became part of a customer’s mobile audience, how the brand engaged with that audience through outgoing SMS/MMS/Push messages, and how that audience engaged with the brand through incoming messages, clicks, and wallet installs. Learn more.

ESG scores

GaiaLens provides a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform to institutional investors. This covers approximately 17,000 global publicly traded companies—tracking over 500 ESG factors and processing around 200 features (based on statistical significance). The company has built a powerful proprietary algorithm to aggregate the data from raw values (such as carbon intensity metrics, employee satisfaction, diversity metrics, etc.) to an overall score. Learn more.

Commodity price benchmarks
General Index

General Index provides accurate and affordable price indexes for commodities and energy markets. It follows industry-accepted methodologies and works in partnership to provide long-term, low-price certainty over critical market data on fair commercial terms. Experienced market experts oversee a proven automated index calculation process—unique to the benchmark pricing marketplace—that gathers and collates data from the marketplace to generate fully comparable benchmarks. Learn more.


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