Snowflake expands EU footprint with Dublin deployment

Author: Alireza Ataei

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Snowflake continues the global expansion of its built-for-the-cloud data warehouse with its second AWS deployment in Europe. Snowflake’s European customers, and global customers with operations in the EU, can now choose to run their workloads from our Frankfurt deployment and/or from our newly added Dublin region. Dublin represents Snowflake’s fifth global deployment, following instances in US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia), EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney). Having a presence in multiple AWS regions gives customers more flexibility to choose a deployment that best fits their needs. Some key factors to consider include:

  • Cost: Based on AWS prices, Snowflake’s compute and storage costs vary by region. Availability in multiple European regions allows Snowflake to offer organizations competitive pricing. Refer to our product pricing guide for more information.
  • Compliance: Customers with compliance and data sovereignty requirements may choose one region over another. Different countries may mandate their data to be stored in a particular region. Snowflake does not move data between accounts and/or regions, unless the customer chooses to do so. This enables customers to accelerate their global data initiatives and satisfy their country-specific data needs.
  • Latency: Having the option to choose between multiple regions is an important factor for customers who need the lowest latency from their Snowflake data warehouse-as-a-service. Since Snowflake offers multiple deployment options across the EU, North America and Asia, customers can select the region with closer geographical proximity to their end users.
  • Data Egress: Another factor to consider is data egress costs. Cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS charge egress fees to customers who move or copy their data between multiple regions. Although data egress does not impact most of our customers, customers may wish to choose a region that minimizes cross-region data egress. Refer to the data egress section of our product pricing guide for more details.

Snowflake’s number one company value is to put our customers first. Our Dublin deployment is another example of our customer-centric strategy, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your application and workload needs. For more information about how Snowflake plans to serve our customers’ global data needs, click here to read a blog from our CEO Bob Muglia.