At Snowflake, we’re constantly working to ensure that our platform has the features and capabilities to be the best place for data scientists, data engineers, and developers to build. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for outstanding engineers to achieve this mission.

To that end, I’m excited to share today that we have reached an agreement to hire approximately 65 highly skilled engineers from TouK to join our growing developer team in Warsaw, Poland. The new hires will work on tools and technologies that further improve the Snowflake experience for data scientists and data engineers, as well as for developers building native apps or using Streamlit as part of the Snowflake Native Applications framework.

Our investment in TouK builds on our growing presence in Warsaw and allows us to further capitalize on the region’s talented software engineers. We first opened our Warsaw office in early 2021 and expanded it later that year with the acquisition of Polidea, followed by the acquisitions of Pragmatists and Applica last year. The caliber of talent and technology that we brought into Snowflake with these acquisitions has already had a strong impact on the Snowflake product offering and roadmap. This latest acquisition will bring the total number of employees at the Snowflake Warsaw office to more than 300, the majority of which are engineers.

We continue to seek engineering talent in Warsaw so check out our openings if you’re interested in joining our amazing team. We have opportunities for UI developers as well as for backend experts programming in languages such as Java, Python, and Go.