Since Snowflake Computing first opened its doors in London a year ago, we’ve seen unprecedented growth. Starting from zero presence in Europe, we have onboarded 130 new customers in 9 countries, including Capital One and Deliveroo. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, we grew revenue nearly 1.5x compared to all of 2017. We’ve also opened offices in four additional European locations – Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

This time last year, it was just four of us building the European arm of the business. We’ve now grown to 34 employees, spread across our five locations, developing an impressive portfolio of European customers and partners in the process.

In the past year, we’ve held 22 industry events in EMEA alone, including the European leg of our Cloud Analytics World Tour, helping us better connect with customers, partners and other industry leaders.

One of the key drivers of our success has been our ability to understand the value of data for businesses. Traditional, big data platform vendors are trying to adapt to the changing landscape of the cloud but retrofitting their infrastructure isn’t enough. Rather than patching and adding to old systems, we’ve created a data warehouse built for the cloud to handling any data analytics challenge our customers face.

But this is only the beginning of our story. The future is very promising for Snowflake. We’ll continue to deliver new innovations for our data warehouse-as-a-service to meet every aspect of our customers’ needs, especially with the challenges GDPR legislation brings. There’s already some impressive customers on the horizon that we’re excited to serve.

A big focus for us will be meeting the needs of the data-intensive financial services industry. Our product version dedicated to serving financial services better helps our customers navigate through the complex PSD2 and Open Banking regulations. Additionally, the retail sector will also be a significant focus for us as we help retailers of all sizes to capitalise on their vast data stores to better personalise their customers’ experiences.

Since our Silicon Valley inception in 2012, Snowflake has launched in eight countries, attracting more than 1000 customers globally. We also secured our most recent round of funding – US$263M in January 2018. With such unprecedented growth in just 12 months, we can’t wait to see where the next 12 months takes us!