Snowflake establishes UK foothold with Thibaut Ceyrolle as VP of Sales

Author: Bob Muglia

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Snowflake’s journey to streamline access to data-driven insight in the cloud age continues to capture the imagination. From the beginning, we knew our built-for-the-cloud data warehouse would solve a widespread industry problem. But competing in the data warehouse industry means we’ve adopted a degree of modesty in the face of gigantic opposition. In light of our growing customer base, and support from innumerable sectors, we can start to be a little less bashful.

Earlier this month we secured another $100 million in funding. This will help expand our current operations and establish new footholds globally. We’re pleased to announce we’ve begun trading in the UK with super-smart new offices in Paddington, London as we increase our global reach.

To meet the demands that come with our ambitions, we have appointed Thibaut Ceyrolle as our Vice President of Sales for EMEA.

Thibaut joins us following a career of nearly two decades at the forefront of disruptive technology. Following a start at Hewlett-Packard in ‘98, he has been an instrumental player in driving the cloud revolution from the outset. He quickly ascended through the ranks of digital transformation proponents DevoTeam and BMC Software, before serving as VP of EMEA Sales at Bazaarvoice. An expert in bringing complex technologies to the wider market, Thibaut brings the drive, experience and international outlook needed to conduct strategic promotion of our service. Thibaut is also experienced in launching new offices and expanding operations to new regions and building a strong corporate culture similar to Snowflake’s.

In early 2015, we offered the first commercial version of Snowflake. The one and only data warehouse built for the cloud. We didn’t set out to improve a flawed legacy architecture, we set out to create something new: a fresh start in and industry filled with legacy products. And we’ve been noticed.

In the beginning, it was mostly early cloud adopters that saw the potential of our technology. Since then, we’ve seen horizontal expansion as every industry has come to see the benefits. Having recently signed our 500th customer, it seems we’re starting to snowball (sorry!).

Snowflake is a service we believe will continue to replace legacy on-premises and cloud systems quickly, quietly and, with Thibaut at the UK helm, ubiquitously. Many would think us overly ambitious given the monolithic competition, but the data warehousing industry has let inefficiencies fester. Snowflake’s a new breed entirely and companies want what we’re offering.

The tech world is fed up with wrestling for access to data and Snowflake is just too good a product to pass up. The challenges associated with handling big data is a limitation of legacy technology, not a fact of life. The Cloud has been around for quite some time, but surprisingly, Snowflake is the only cloud data warehouse solution built from the ground up for the cloud. We’re honoured to be the ones bringing relief to customers moving to and accelerating their business in the cloud.

We’re overjoyed with our recent round of funding, but it is based in hard evidence. The incomparable flexibility and speeds we have shown Snowflake to be capable of: up to 200 times faster for a tenth of the price.

No-one has done what we’re doing for the industry. We expect Thibaut to find a hugely rewarding experience here.

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