Last year, we launched Snowflake Data Sharing, known as The Data Sharehouse™, to enable secure data sharing in real time. What’s so special about this? With Snowflake Data Sharing, data doesn’t move.

Our customers continue to devour this feature and produce a multitude of internal and external uses cases that have transformed the way they do business, and have revealed opportunities previously unimagined. We eliminated the costs and challenges associated with traditional data share methods and our customers have discovered new and powerful ways to share and monetize their data with stakeholders and partners outside their organization.

To further the success of our customers, we’re excited to announce a rebate program that rewards customers who use Snowflake Data Sharing with their external data consumers.

How does the rebate program work?

Customers who share data (“data providers”) with other Snowflake customers (“data consumers”) in The Data Sharehouse will automatically receive a credit rebate equal to 10 percent of their data consumer’s usage when those consumers perform operations on the data provider’s shared data inside Snowflake’s SaaS solution.

In short, data shared with and used by external organizations translates into monthly savings for the original data provider. Credits are applied automatically toward Snowflake usage, so no customer effort is required. This program is designed to benefit everyone and further reduce the low cost of using Snowflake’s data service.

Why is this rebate being offered?

Simply put, we want to accelerate the adoption of data sharing. Successful ecosystems exist when all organizations have an incentive to participate in and help extend those ecosystems, and Snowflake Data Sharing is no exception. In essence, the more data is shared, the more value it delivers to customers.

We believe The Data Sharehouse™, provides the perfect model for secure and scalable data sharing, thanks to the unique architecture of Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse. When customers use our “virtual data marts” to access data rather than move data, it becomes easy to share governed data within minutes, eliminating the unavoidable standard of working with stale data.

A key part of Snowflake’s mission is to encourage this global network by building its foundation and enabling every organization to be data-driven. We believe fact-based data will fuel the modern Data Economy, where the global supply and demand for data becomes a business asset.

At Snowflake, we are working hard to empower the Data Economy and bring people and organizations together in new ways. Offering a rebate to our customers for sharing their data is one way we can encourage this next step and help grow the Data Economy at the fastest rate possible, which ultimately benefits everyone.

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Qualified Snowflake customers that share data will automatically receive data sharing credits unless they opt out. This rebate only applies to sharing between different companies from multiple Snowflake accounts and provisioned under separate Snowflake agreements. It does not apply to sharing via Snowflake Reader accounts or internal sharing within a company.

Read more about the new rebate program here.