How are healthcare and life sciences companies mobilizing their data to navigate the turbulence of the past year, as well as to prepare for future opportunities?

Join us as we spotlight why companies are choosing Snowflake’s Data Cloud to enable better patient and business outcomes at Snowflake’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Forum on April 21. 

We’ll feature healthcare providers that are leveraging Snowflake to improve patient experiences, redefine care delivery, and accelerate COVID-19 research. We’ll explore how health insurers are using Snowflake’s versatility to deliver better service to their members. We’ll also highlight life sciences organizations that are employing Snowflake to deliver data-driven products and services.

Snowflake’s industry experts and partners will discuss the latest trends in healthcare and life sciences data capabilities, showcase best practices, and explain how Snowflake addresses your data needs by harnessing the global data network.

We’ll also have industry use cases ranging from virtual clinical trial analytics to genomic data analysis, and examples of workload capabilities offered by Snowflake’s platform. 

Here are some highlights from the full agenda:

  • A fireside chat with Snowflake’s Chairman and CEO, Frank Slootman, and Pfizer’s VP of Analytic Tools and Platforms, Debbie Reynolds, about Pfizer’s evolving data strategy and the challenges of driving integrated analytics capabilities
  • A panel discussion with speakers from the COVID Research Database and DataSF about open data initiatives in service of public health efforts against COVID-19
  • A session on why leading global medicines company Novartis chose Snowflake’s Data Cloud to improve effectiveness and spark innovation for analytics and data science teams
  • A presentation of how Snowflake’s Data Cloud powers genome analytics by enabling the analysis and secure sharing of data
  • A session on how South Carolina’s integrated healthcare system Prisma Health and the Care Coordination Institute are using Snowflake to optimize value based care for different patient populations
  • Technical demonstrations of the capabilities and versatility of the Data Cloud, and how it enables solutions specific to the industry
  • Discussions with Snowflake experts and partners on the latest data trends in the industry, and how the Data Cloud is powering the future of patient care 

Registration is free and immediate. Register now to reserve your spot.