The most powerful and easy-to-use data warehouse is now the most affordable

Author: Bob Muglia

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When I joined Snowflake nearly three years ago, I knew the seasoned engineers who envisioned and developed the product were on to something big. I’ve spent nearly my entire career in the database business but hadn’t seen anything comparable to Snowflake – a built-for-the-cloud data warehouse that’s powerful and easy to use for analyzing all of your data.

Snowflake has now taken another leap forward for our customers. We’ve launched three key initiatives to enable organizations to easily and affordably store and analyze all of their data in one location: Snowflake. No more data silos, data lakes or duplicate systems to manage the volume, variety, velocity and cost of today’s data.

Our first initiative upends the traditional cost structure that has made the data warehouse a precious, limited resource in the past. We’re making Snowflake the most affordable data warehouse available by removing the cost of data storage as a barrier to bringing together all data in one place. Taking advantage of our unique architecture, we’ve lowered our storage price to as low as $30/TB/month, which represents a 75 percent storage cost savings to our customers. The most powerful and easy-to-use data warehouse is now the most affordable. Thanks to our built-for-the-cloud architecture, specifically our separation of compute and storage, we’re able to price storage at the same price as Amazon S3 – Snowflake’s cloud storage provider.

Why have we done this? Our customers continue to tell us how much Snowflake has changed the way they use data. But they’re understandably concerned about the cost to store much larger volumes of data in Snowflake. Therefore, we’ve changed our storage pricing to help customers focus on the much more important process: analyzing data for insights.

Secondly, we’ve added a quick and simple way to get up and running with Snowflake. Snowflake On Demand allows customers to start using Snowflake with just a credit card and a simple sign-up process via our website. Data users of all types can now experience the many benefits of Snowflake without friction or delay.

And thirdly, Snowflake has launched is newest deployment in the Frankfurt (EU) region. Organizations with EU headquarters, and multinational organizations with EU operations can now keep their data in the EU. This is huge for any organization keen to keep their EU data close to home, and any for organization that wants to advance their global data initiatives from region to region.

All of these offerings will be available in November.

At Snowflake, we love to hear what our customers have to say. Their input, and our hunger to deliver and evolve the best data warehouse available, drive everyone at Snowflake to serve our customers the best way possible. Snowflake’s technology, solutions and customer-centric strategy will never cease to evolve. We look forward to continuing our mission of helping organizations advance their operations, serve their customers and lead their industries with the insight derived from data without limits.

For more details on all of Snowflake’s newest initiatives, view Snowflake’s main announcement and our individual announcements on our price reduction, Snowflake On Demand and Snowflake’s deployment in Frankfurt.

As always, keep an eye on this blog site and our Snowflake-related Twitter feeds (@SnowflakeDB) for more interesting things about Snowflake, and for updates on all the latest action and activities here at Snowflake Computing.