Snowflake connected with Michael Gillespie of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises at Data Cloud Summit 2020 to hear how the company is capturing customer data insights to improve pizza delivery.

Like much of today’s commerce, ordering a pizza has become a digital experience for many people. In the always-popular market for pizza, leaders such as Domino’s Pizza need to deliver an easy and consistent experience to stay ahead of competitors.

For the company’s largest franchisee, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE), understanding the end-to-end customer experience is crucial. DPE is the largest pizza chain in Australia, and the company’s reach extends to New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, and Denmark.

Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer for DPE, has helped the company transform into one of the most sophisticated online and digital retailers in the space.

Gillespie witnessed the shift from traditional telephone orders to the point where more than 70% of orders now originate in online storefronts, making data insights extremely important to the business. “DPE has always been a very data-driven business, and we’ve seen that focus steadily increase throughout our digital journey,” Gillespie says. 

“With the shift to digital, data is more accessible. The resulting data analytics give us a level of insight into customer behaviors that we have never had before.”

—Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, DPE


DPE has an enormous amount of customer data coming in from different areas and regions of the business. The challenge for Gillespie’s team is in breaking down silos and making the data available to the various marketing and operations teams in a form that will enable them to receive and act on insights on their local markets.

“Democratising the data for different teams is essential because every market has unique goals and challenges. Instead of assigning individual teams to support each region, we work to simplify access.” 

Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, DPE

With Snowflake’s platform, the team can create a series of reports and dynamic dashboards that meet the needs of different groups, which eliminates ad hoc requests and drives efficiency. The various local teams can then customize dashboards and benchmarking as needed. This allows them to make important decisions to best support their stores and customers. Meanwhile, the DPE team can also provide the company’s global leaders with visibility into each market for a view of how the business is performing overall.

Gillespie is also pleased that his team can deliver these reports faster. “We can run more-intensive workloads now, deliver richer data, and enable teams to take more immediate action,” he says. “Plus, because we can output more with less manual effort, we save a lot of time and money.”

“With Snowflake, we have better data collection and flow. It enriches our models and challenges us to delve further into how we can support the business with data insights for smarter decision-making.” 

—Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, DPE


In the end, DPE is looking to build customer loyalty through great digital experiences. An excellent example of DPE’s use of real data to enhance customer experiences can be seen in the company’s Pizza Tracker. This online feature gives real-time feedback to customers about the progression of their pizza orders—because Domino’s understands that waiting for deliciousness is hard. The Pizza Tracker provides a way to delight customers by sharing collected data with them in an attractive, graphical front end. 

At the same time, protecting customer data is a top priority. DPE relies on governance in Snowflake’s platform to make sure all the right controls and processes are in place for capturing and distributing data analytics across the organisation. “It’s very helpful to create dashboards that mask personal data. It makes the data easier to manage and simplifies compliance requirements,” Gillespie says.

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