Today, we announced Snowflake has acquired Numeracy, our first acquisition! We’re very excited to welcome Brian Smith and his talented team to Snowflake.

A large part of Snowflake’s success has been our always available, powerful, and easy-to-use web interface. With this acquisition, we’re investing further in Snowflake’s user interface (UI) which aligns with our most important value at Snowflake, which is to put customers first. The UI is an important component of the Snowflake customers experience.

Numeracy is a unique and compelling query UI that will improve and accelerate our query scripting, iterating, and data visualization. Numeracy also has support for key additional functionality such as SQL autocomplete, query and worksheet sharing, in-worksheet visualizations, and lightning-fast catalog browsing and search.

Numeracy’s query editor, showing the smart auto-complete, data statistics, and clean data view.

Combined with our existing worksheet capabilities, Numeracy will offer our customers an even better user experience. We can’t wait to make all these new capabilities available as part of our core product. To learn more about the exciting plans for Numeracy, please join us at THE industry event for data analytics, Snowflake Summit in June.

I’m excited about adding the new capabilities to Snowflake and welcoming the Numeracy team to our organization. And I’m confident they will help us accelerate our ability to deliver on our mission to make every organization data-driven.