Out with the old; in with the new! If you haven’t already checked out the new Snowflake® interface (aka Snowsight®), make it your New Year’s resolution. Set yourself up for success in 2022 by spending a few minutes getting to know the new features and experiences that are in public preview—available when you click the Snowsight button at the top of your console’s menu bar. 

This new way to interact with Snowflake is an extension of our product philosophy to put customers first. We’ve spent countless hours talking with customers and watching them interact with the product. These updates help users work better—collaborate efficiently, work faster, and reduce errors. We started by making querying and data analysis easier with SQL autocomplete and simple data visualization. Snowflake Data Marketplace launched exclusively with the new experience design. We’ve improved critical tools such as the query profile analyzer in Query History, and we’ve been releasing no-code administration features to help you understand roles and access as well as to monitor your organization’s usage.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the unique benefits you get when you switch to the new UI. This will become the main interface to interact with the latest Snowflake functionality, so give yourself a head start by familiarizing yourself with the new UI now.

Understand and Monitor Costs

You can now visit the Snowflake Usage tab to monitor your consumption right in Snowflake (the view displays credits for now). View consumption at the organization level and then drill down to specific accounts and warehouses—and now, all the way to query level. Add resource monitors to alert you when you get close to critical thresholds and to suspend consumption when needed.

Find and Connect to Data Inside and Outside Your Organization

Snowflake allows you to appropriately and securely access the data you need, whether that data is inside or outside your organization. From the hundreds of data listings within Snowflake Data Marketplace to your organization’s own internal data, you can quickly find and start analyzing data across multiple data sets. And soon, you’ll be able to search across all the data within your account (currently in private preview). 

Speed Up Data Preparation and Analysis

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Querying is now even easier with Snowflake Worksheets. Folders help you and your team keep track of previous work, and soon you’ll be able to search for previous SQL queries without leaving your current worksheet to help you discover and reuse your existing explorations (currently in private preview). Plus, you’ll continue to save time with familiar favorites such as SQL autocomplete and automatically calculated histograms, sums, and averages. 

Quickly Visualize Results, Prototype Dashboards, and Share Insights with Your Team

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There’s no need to log into another tool every time you want to quickly explore and visualize your data. You can easily visualize your data in your Worksheet, add those charts to Dashboards, and share those dashboards to communicate findings and insights with your team. Your colleagues can even drill down into your findings and reuse those queries to speed up their own explorations. 

Explore Roles and Map Out Relationships and Access

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Do you need to understand how roles relate within your organization? Visit the Roles tab in Account to see a hierarchy of roles in your organization. Admins can audit their account and ensure their access controls are on point by easily navigating the hierarchy, viewing specific privileges for a role, and confirming only the correct users are assigned that role. Or, if you’re an analyst, use this functionality to better understand your own hierarchy to ensure you have the access you need.

Analyze and Profile Queries with Ease

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Investigating query performance has been simplified in the new UI so you can analyze and profile queries with ease. Filter the Query History to find the query you’re interested in. When needed, explore the Query Profile to analyze execution details to troubleshoot. 

How to get Started

Are you ready to go? It takes just one click on the Snowsight button in the classic console:

Then bookmark https://app.snowflake.com to navigate directly into the new UI each time. 

To see the new UI in action, check out our What Is Snowflake demo to get a brief tour and learn how to load data, scale compute, create dashboard visualizations, use data sharing, and more. 

Happy New Year—and new UI—to everyone!