August releases from Snowflake include several updates and enhancements to Snowflake, among them new capabilities for data governance and security that help organizations better know, protect, and unlock value from their data. Several leading data providers also joined Snowflake Data Marketplace, offering data sets for everything from targeted demographics to ecommerce purchase data and reviews to third-party risk management. 


Apply Business Context to Your Data

The Object Tagging feature, now in public preview, makes it easier to know and control your data by applying business context, such as tags that identify data objects as sensitive, as personally identifiable information (PII), or as belonging to a specific cost center. Use this feature to create your own library of custom tags and associate them to desired objects such as columns, tables/views, databases, warehouses, and more. Learn more in this blog post.

See How Data Is Used

The Access History feature lets you see who queried which tables, views, and columns in Snowflake. With this built-in view, you can produce reports for compliance auditing, optimize storage with awareness of unused tables and columns, and see who accesses data prior to implementing changes. Access History now is generally available. Learn more.


Simplified Private Connectivity to Internal Stages 

Private connectivity to Snowflake internal stages using AWS PrivateLink now is generally available. This feature combines AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) interface endpoints for Amazon S3 and AWS PrivateLink to provide secure connectivity to Snowflake internal stages. This setup ensures that data access to Snowflake internal stages use the AWS internal network and does not take place over the public internet. Snowflake also supports similar secure connectivity for Azure Private Endpoints, with both capabilities available for Snowflake Business Critical edition or higher. Learn more.


Improved Cloning Performance

Over the last few months, Snowflake has rolled out cloning performance improvements to all regions. In one region, Azure West Europe, Snowflake saw cloning performance improve for tables by 46%, for schemas by 52%, and for databases by 64% on average. Read more in the Snowflake documentation about considerations for cloning. Learn more.


Snowflake customers can tap into Snowflake Data Marketplace to discover and access helpful third-party data and services from more than 175 providers across 18 categories (as of July 31, 2021) as well as market their own products across the Snowflake Data Cloud. Visit Snowflake Data Marketplace.



ADP provides up-to-date, geobased demographic and income data on the U.S. workforce, aggregated and anonymized at the neighborhood level, by using payroll data from nearly 30 million U.S. employees. Learn more.

Alliant Demographics

Alliant delivers audience-based solutions built from transactional data, advanced data science, and high-performance scoring technology. Alliant’s data set in Snowflake Data Marketplace provides insights on a range of information about the U.S. population, including age range, Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) information, and estimated wealth. Learn more.

The Ark

The Ark’s Re-mover Gone Aways data set contains names and address details of individuals who no longer live at a U.K. address. Details about “gone aways,” captured from 1995 to date, allow companies to identify customers who no longer live at an address they have on their records. Organizations can use this data set to suppress customers from marketing campaigns or identify potential fraud and confirm identities, for example. Learn more.


CloudFactory combines people and technology to provide scalable, human-in-the-loop workforce solutions for machine learning and business process optimization. Its data analysts process millions of tasks every day for innovators including Microsoft, GoSpotCheck, Hummingbird Technologies, Ibotta, and Luminar. CloudFactory’s data sets in Snowflake Data Marketplace include data processing services as well as data annotation and labeling services for computer vision and natural language processing. Learn more.

Discovery Data

Discovery Data provides information on the firms and people essential to the financial services and insurance industries. Among its data sets is a listing that provides comprehensive diversity and inclusion data on financial advisors and insurance agents. Learn more.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet helps companies leverage data and analytical insights to take more-intelligent actions that deliver a competitive edge. Dun & Bradstreet has made several data sets available in Snowflake Data Marketplace, including address and phone number data for businesses registered in the U.S. Learn more.


Equifax has published more than 20 listings in Snowflake Data Marketplace, ranging from income data to home equity data. Its data listings include the US Consumer Credit Trends data set, which is a suite of anonymous, linked time-series U.S. consumer credit data.  Learn more.


Fluent, Inc.’s consumer engagement platform has more than 1 million U.S. consumers registering on its properties every day. Its U.S. Consumer Demographics data set is one of the largest addressable sources of opted-in, declared demographics for targeting, analytics, and data enrichment. Learn more.


Minedia, Inc. is a marketing technology company in Japan that offers Mineds, a comprehensive SaaS marketing platform for gathering, analyzing, and storing consumer data to evolve marketing and accelerate business all over the world. Its data set in Snowflake Data Marketplace includes actual purchase data for the ecommerce market in Japan. Learn more.


Panorays quickly and easily automates third-party security risk evaluation and management—handling the entire process from inherent to residual risk, remediation, and ongoing monitoring. Its Third-Party Security Risk Management data set helps customers quickly and easily manage, mitigate, and remediate supplier security; reduce breaches; ensure vendor compliance; and improve security across the board. Learn more.


Pricemoov’s price management platform uses AI technologies to help businesses optimize their pricing strategies and unlock revenue potential by using actionable price levers. Its data sets integrate multiple data sources and empower both back-office price management and front-line intelligence for sales teams. Learn more.


Skai provides unique data points about the most reviewed products in several categories on Amazon USA over the past month. Customers can use this data set to support product development, marketing, and brand initiatives. Learn more.


truestar provides insights and clarity on issues ranging from organizing operations, defining the requirements for processing, and analyzing and visualizing data to introducing and implementing various tools. Its data listing in Snowflake Data Marketplace includes Japanese subregional polygon data, which is edited by truestar based on the subregional boundary data from Japan’s Population Census 2015 to make trading area analysis more effective and speedy. Learn more.


VideoAmp is a software and data company that creates a sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that redefines how media is valued, bought, and sold. VideoAmp’s Linear TV data set is one of the largest commingled, deduplicated, and enriched set-top box (STB) and automatic content recognition (ACR) television exposure data sets, spanning 28 million households and 40 million devices. Learn more.


Founded in 2012, Zenreach serves tens of thousands of leading brick-and-mortar businesses. The Zenreach Foot Traffic data set available in Snowflake Data Marketplace contains daily breakdowns of consumer foot traffic at the census block group, ZIP code, city, and state level across the U.S. Learn more.