Get More Value from Your Snowflake Data

Machine learning and data science seem to come up in every conversation with Snowflake customers. It’s no surprise. As some of the first major companies to move their mission-critical data to the cloud, our customers are trailblazers in the area of digital transformation. It’s only natural that they want to know what’s next and how they can get more value and insight from their Snowflake data.

That’s where Zepl comes in. Now available in Partner Connect, Zepl helps Snowflake customers start using machine learning and data science on their Snowflake data in minutes. Founded by the creator of Apache Zeppelin, Zepl is an extensible, cloud-based data science and analytics platform for enterprise teams. With Zepl, teams of data analysts and data scientists can use Python, R, Spark, Scala, and SQL to find insights and make predictions about their most important business challenges, as well as package and present their findings in a visually appealing report called a notebook.

K-Means clustering analysis for the marketing department using the Zepl platform

Yonder, a joint customer which specializes in quantifying cultural shifts and phenomena,  found that using Zepl and Snowflake helped them work together more effectively. „By allowing real-time analysis and rapid prototyping on production Snowflake data, we’ve been able to get new features to market 4x faster than before,” Yonder’s Senior Product Manager, Taylor McCaslin, said.

With Zepl now included in Partner Connect, it is easy to connect Snowflake to Zepl and build visual analytics, create machine learning models, and predict how your business will evolve. To get started, go to the Partner Connect in Snowflake and click on the Zepl tile.