Learn How Snowflake Helps You Achieve True Data Warehouse Modernization at Snowflake Summit

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Companies are struggling under the weight of their legacy data warehouses. These old and inefficient systems were designed for a different era, when data was a side project and access to analytics was limited to the executive team.

Even if your organization is ready to fast-forward to the current era, your current data warehouse may be holding you back. Legacy data warehouses are incapable of scaling to support the volume of data, use cases, and complexity of modern, data-driven organizations.

Data Warehouse Modernization Track

Snowflake helps you achieve data warehouse modernization. To learn more, attend our Data Warehouse Modernization track at Snowflake Summit.

You’ll learn how Adobe reduced runtime from more than 48 hours to less than 12, how Cisco broke down data silos for their $40 billion ecommerce platform, and how DoorDash processes billions of rows of data to bring food to your doorstep.

This track also has sessions from Snowflake subject matter experts on the latest SQL and performance features, exciting new capabilities around enterprise-ready disaster recovery and high availability, and Snowflake’s built-in security capabilities.

Snowflake was built for the cloud with a brand-new multi-cluster, shared data architecture. It was designed to handle large volumes of data  and concurrency at scale. You can store, transform, and analyze structured and semi-structured data, such as JSON, together.

With Snowflake you can focus on using data to drive insights instead of on maintaining a legacy data warehouse.

Attend the Data Warehouse Modernization track to learn strategies and techniques to bring your data warehouse from the distant past to the progressive future. Learn how to:

  • Consolidate data silos into one data platform
  • Plan for data and user scale
  • Accelerate and dramatically shorten time to insights
  • Implement successful migration strategies
  • Rethink age-old database and performance challenges
  • Implement security best practices
  • Achieve business continuity with ease