It’s no secret that Israel is a major global hub for startup companies. In fact, according to some estimates, Israel has the most startups per capita than anywhere else in the world. Even the country’s professional cycling team pays homage to this distinction with its name: Israel Start-Up Nation.

Snowflake already provides data services to some of Israel’s leading companies, including Fundbox, Skai, and Hunters. Now, to increase its presence in the country as it helps growing companies unlock the value of their data, Snowflake is excited to announce that it has opened an office in Israel. 

Yaron Ben-Schlusch, Snowflake’s new country manager for Israel, is focused on building the strategy and team to support Snowflake’s hyper-growth in the region. Schlusch is an experienced sales leader with over 20 years of experience in the software and enterprise industry at companies including Sisense, Jacada, Ericsson, and Motorola. 

In Israel as well as around the world, a growing number of startup companies are moving to Snowflake to build new applications for their customers more quickly and efficiently. Many are joining the Powered by Snowflake program, which enables partners to: 

  • Build better applications faster with resources from Snowflake, including access to technical experts, workshops, and help designing the right data architecture for the application 
  • Drive awareness and adoption by co-marketing with Snowflake through joint solution content and campaigns such as webinars, office hours, and events
  • Optimize performance by working with support engineers who specialize in app development use cases to help with alerts, troubleshooting, and insights on support issues and operations

“Snowflake regards Israel as an important expansion destination,” Ben-Schlusch said. “The revolution championed by Snowflake has empowered many startups and organizations worldwide to tap into data and build applications on top of Snowflake’s platform. In Israel, too, many local high-tech companies are running their data operations in the cloud, with many of them choosing the Snowflake solution as their main cloud data platform.” 

For more information on how Snowflake can help your organization unlock the value of data, visit our Israel Data Community page.