Building and managing data-intensive applications has traditionally been costly and complex. But Snowflake’s modern solution is changing the game. 

Developers of data applications and data products can take advantage of these Snowflake capabilities:

  • Scales automatically and cost-effectively with near-unlimited  performance and concurrency
  • Automatically handles provisioning, availability, tuning, data protection, and other operations across multiple clouds 
  • Allows ANSI SQL to query structured and semi-structured data

In the Data Cloud Summit track Build Data Apps and Data Products, join Snowflake product experts, customers, and partners to learn why so many fast-growing software companies are building applications on Snowflake. You’ll also learn how they are leveraging the Data Cloud to create valuable data products to generate new revenue streams. Register here.

Discover how and why companies such as Adobe, Zeta Global, Heap, and Interos are architecting their apps on Snowflake. You’ll hear from customers who are building data apps and products that help with many different business functions that enable you to:

  • Facilitate fast marketing searches of massive amounts of data, enabling the creation of new segments for targeting or analysis
  • Power marketing platforms with large data sets while reducing operational burden
  • Create advanced visualizations to provide near real-time risk awareness for manufacturing, federal agencies, financial services, insurance organizations, and more 
  • Include embedded visual self-service analytics to make better executive decisions

This track also includes helpful sessions that provide best practices for building data apps and data products. You’ll learn:

  • How to apply architectural principles and patterns to develop data applications and overcome scalability, reliability, and DevOps burden challenges
  • How to design apps that meet the demands of increasing users and analytics-oriented workloads without adding a lot of development time or wrestling with the data infrastructure
  • How to use Snowflake to monetize your data in a secure and compliant way

Finally, you’ll hear from Snowflake experts about the future of data applications, insights and best practices for building these apps, and why so many developers choose Snowflake to power applications.

To attend sessions in the Build Data Apps and Data Products track, register today and check for your local times.