More than half of companies globally plan to increase their investment in marketing personalization, the practice of tailoring content, experiences, and offers to individual customers and prospects. When implemented successfully, personalization campaigns offer undeniable benefits. But despite investments in technology and analytics, many marketing organizations still have a siloed data analysis ecosystem that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to access and query different buckets of customer data in real time. 

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform powers marketing personalization at a massive scale in three ways: It supports real-time campaign analytics, enables brands to access third-party data sources to enrich its customer information, and gives data and analytics teams tools to be more agile. As a result, brands can tailor content to millions of people while keeping their customer data secure and ensuring compliance with GDPR and other regulations. 

How Snowflake Enables Near Real-Time Campaign Analytics

Legacy ETL technology relies on scheduled batch jobs, usually run at night, to process response data from campaigns. This results in significant latency. Even a one-day delay can be costly if a campaign is underperforming with key segments. But Snowflake enables a near real-time view into campaign performance, so marketing teams can quickly adjust the creative to maximize revenue.

How Snowflake Powers Scalable Data Enrichment and Why It Matters

Marketers’ first-party data is limited because it only shows how people interact with their own company. To achieve a 360-degree view of the customer, marketers can enrich their data with third-party sources that provide insight into attributes like employment, interests, and car ownership. 

Snowflake Data Exchange gives instant access to current data from a robust and growing pipeline of providers, including Weather Source, Wunderman, LiveRamp, and FactSet. This lets brands derive more insights in a fraction of the time it ordinarily takes to engage with external data sources. As a result, brands can take campaigns to market faster, conduct real-time testing and optimization, and obtain a true 360-degree view of customers to accelerate personalization initiatives. 

How Snowflake Makes Data Teams More Agile and Productive

Snowflake can scale up capacity instantly to deliver more computing power to the most robust personalization models and eliminate concurrency constraints. This enables data scientists to work in parallel on complex problems and frees them from low-impact data manipulation tasks.

Using Snowflake, data scientists and analysts can experiment, try new queries, and make new connections without slowing down or breaking core activities. This is especially important for verticals like retail, where timely information is critical to success. 

To learn more about how Snowflake helps marketing organizations personalize their campaigns and drive ROI, download our white paper, How Snowflake Powers Your Personalization Initiative.