By now, you may have heard that Snowflake Summit 2022 will be live and in person in Las Vegas! 

As you probably know, Snowflake’s fourth annual conference will feature new product announcements, executive keynotes, customer sessions, hands-on labs, trainings and certifications, and a lively exposition hall.

There are so many reasons to attend this exciting event, we would have a hard time listing them all. So we’re listing instead some reasons why you perhaps shouldn’t attend. 

1.  You’re satisfied with how you currently share and collaborate on data

This year’s conference theme is the World of Collaboration. Here are just a few sessions that would show you how to take data collaboration to the next level:

2. You’re not interested in networking with intelligent, interesting people

Summit will offer a bevy of opportunities to connect with thousands of professionals and speakers from multiple industries. Take your pick from daily networking events, the expo floor, Dev Zone, Industry Pavillion, the Customer Experience Center, and our Ask the Expert Lounge. 

If that piqued your interest even a little bit, check out our full list of speakers.

3. You don’t want to be the first to hear about exciting new Snowflake product features

If you can see into the future, you may already know about new product features before we do! 

For everyone else, our keynotes, featuring senior-level Snowflake leaders including CEO Frank Slootman, Co-Founder and President of Product Benoit Dageville, SVP of Product Christian Kleinerman, and CMO Denise Persson will announce all the new innovations coming to the Data Cloud. Special sessions will showcase these new features in action and show how you can use them to power your most critical workloads.

4. You don’t want to get hands-on with product demos and technical labs

Rather learn about technologies after the fact? Don’t worry—we’ll have plenty of post-Summit coverage. But if you attend in person, you’ll have opportunities to learn more from the experts—including data scientists, data engineers, and developers—about how you can build on top of Snowflake to solve technical and business challenges. 

Here’s just a short sample of the hands-on labs we’ll be offering:

5. You’re not bothered about missing out on lots of fun

Summit is going to be tons of fun, so if that’s not your thing, what can we say? But for those that like to enjoy themselves, the conference will take place June 13-16 at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” We’ll be hosting daily parties and happy hours. We’ll have exciting speakers including professional adventure rock climber Alex Honnold from Free Solo. Our expo hall will feature photo booths, themed lounges, and even virtual and physical ski simulators. And it will all be capped off by Snowball, the ultimate party on the Las Vegas Strip, featuring delicious food and amazing entertainment.

Register now through May 20, 2022, for your last chance to attend at a discounted price! Use promo code DONTMISSSUMMIT300 during registration to get $300 off the current price.