The month of April brought several exciting new capabilities to Snowflake customers. This includes expanding the capabilities of Snowpark to process unstructured data, and adding new native governance features for greater visibility into data lineage and tracking of object dependencies. We also continued to expand into new regions and added several new Snowflake Data Marketplace partners.

Data Programmability

Process unstructured data natively with Java in Public Preview

Not only can you store and govern unstructured data in Snowflake, you can now process that data natively with Snowpark Java UDFs or UDTFs. This brings the performance, ease of use, and scalability of the Data Cloud to unstructured data processing. Explore this new feature here.

Global Governance

Know the lineage of data

With write operation visibility in Access History, you can now know the lineage of data—both as it comes from external sources and also as it flows within Snowflake. This enables compliance teams to track sensitive data sources to satisfy compliance requests. At the same time, data teams get visibility to better understand and trust the data they’re working with. Read more about Access History capabilities here.

Identify dependencies and downstream impact

With the new Account Usage view OBJECT_DEPENDENCIES, you can identify which objects depend on other objects. With this information, you can assess potential downstream impacts of modifying objects and push changes with confidence. Find more information here.

More notification options for resource monitors

Resource monitors are a great way to understand and control costs on Snowflake. And now you can add up to five non-administrator users to a resource monitor to receive email notifications. This new functionality enables even greater visibility within your organization when running up against quotas. Get hands-on resource monitor training here—including sample code to locate any virtual warehouses that don’t currently have resource monitors. 

Set minimum data retention

Are you required to hold on to data for a set amount of time? Now you can set a minimum time period to retain data on permanent tables. This can be done by account administrators at the account level to enforce a minimum data retention period on all permanent tables in the account. Read more here

Global Expansion

New region alert: South Central U.S. (Texas) on Azure

Snowflake is expanding its availability to the South Central U.S. (Texas) region on Azure. With this region, Snowflake now supports over 30 global regions across three cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, and Azure), including three regions for compliance with U.S. government regulations. Find our full list of supported regions here

Snowflake Data Marketplace

Snowflake customers can tap into Snowflake Data Marketplace for access to more than 1,100 live and ready-to-query data sets from over 240 third-party data providers and data service providers (as of January 31, 2022), as well as market their own products across the Snowflake Data Cloud. Visit Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Recently Added Snowflake Data Marketplace Providers

Customer Data Activation for Marketing Platforms

Flywheel’s first-party data platform is the fastest way to activate 100% of your customer data directly from Snowflake. Empower your analytics and marketing teams to create customer segments based on the entire customer profile in minutes, sync to all your favorite marketing tools and platforms, and measure the impact on any metric—all within Snowflake. Learn more.

Health and Life Sciences

Founded in November of 2018, Veradigm is a health information technology, analytics, and intervention solutions company. We are dedicated to simplifying the complicated healthcare system with next-generation technology and solutions, transforming healthcare from the point-of-care to everyday life.

Now the largest source of de-identified ambulatory patient records available, our unique portfolio provides data-driven, actionable insights, derived from best-in-class analytics and integrated with point-of-care technology solutions to help improve the quality, efficiency, and value of healthcare. Our solutions support biopharma, health plans, healthcare providers, health technology partners, and most importantly the patients they serve. Learn more.


Data Insights Core Unit is a team at MakerDAO that provides detailed data sets on all aspects of the Multi-Collateral DAI protocol. Learn more.

Insig AI

Insig is helping financial institutions deliver a sustainable investment edge through future-proof AI and ESG data solutions. Learn more.


The mission of FiscalNote AI Solutions is to help our customers make the best analytically informed decisions possible. We do this by capturing the global flow of unstructured data and transforming it into computationally consumable, structured knowledge that our customers’ data scientists and analysts use to see and model the world in new ways and with greater velocity. We enable our customers to automate or augment key aspects of their analytical, reasoning, and decision-making processes. Learn more.

Insight Lab

Insight Lab, Inc., is a specialist group of engineers who handle data. We offer TERASU, a data solution platform that supports digital transformation by organizing data and preparing it for data analysis. TERASU also enables data visualization and provides support for introducing AI, IoT, and RPA. Learn more.


The world’s leading provider of end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions. Making your supply chain resilient. Learn more.


TrueData, a leader in independent identity resolution, built an omnichannel identity graph that connects people and households to their digital devices. Customers can easily connect data, target segments, profile customers, and measure results. Learn more.


Our mission is to make the world a safer place by transforming the way organizations understand, improve, and communicate cybersecurity risk to their boards, employees, and vendors. Learn more.


Clarifai is the leading deep learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition. We help enterprises and public sector organizations transform unstructured images, video, text, and audio data into structured data—significantly faster and more accurately than humans would be able to do on their own. Learn more.


We help businesses understand where their customers are in the offline world. Whether it’s mapping a customer’s journey, defining the location for a new store, driving offline-online communication, or identifying points-of-sale with the highest sales potential—we make everyday business decisions in the offline world easier. Learn more.


Your one source for direct marketing success with a full complement of sales leads, mailing lists, data appends, data hygiene, mailing software, and support for email marketing and direct mail campaigns. Learn more.


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