Dresner Analytics Report Confirms That the Future of Data is in the Cloud

Market News, Snowflake Technology

Companies want a single data analytics platform that supports multiple different data use cases. They also want the flexibility to continue discovering new uses for their data and run multiple different workflows at once, with all users accessing the same real-time data with no duplication or impact on query speed and performance.

That’s the clear message of the third annual 2019 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study, which provides a snapshot of the state of the analytical data infrastructure market in 2019. According to Dresner, an industry research firm, 60 percent of the report’s survey respondents expressed a preference for a single analytics data infrastructure (ADI) platform that supports multiple different workflows.

We’re pleased to share that Dresner’s survey found Snowflake to be best-in-class for virtually all measures across sales, value, product/technology, technical support, and consulting.

The rising demand for cloud-based services

According to the report, as data becomes increasingly complex and the many uses for data become mission-critical for companies, demand is increasing for cloud-based services that are able to facilitate a number of different use cases, scale up rapidly to accommodate growing datasets, and perform consistently every time.

More than 65 percent of companies in the survey indicated that cloud deployment is important. In fact, cloud-based infrastructure is becoming not just a preference, but a critical priority. For the first time in the survey’s history, more than 50 percent of respondents selected cloud deployment as their highest priority, indicating that it is either critical or very important in ADI deployment.

The report also shows that cloud-based data infrastructure is essential for providing the scalability companies need as they continue to experiment with new uses for data, and continue working towards getting the most out of rapidly increasing volumes of data. In addition, for the second year in a row, the Dresner survey also found that “scale up and scale out” capabilities are the highest-priority for ADI platform requirements. Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse offers on-demand scale, so companies can scale up and out to meet varying workloads and optimize resources on a case-by-case basis.

Meeting complexity head-on

We believe that the increasing complexity surrounding data use cases is a key reason why, for a second consecutive year, Snowflake received exceptionally high scores from customers. Snowflake is built for the cloud, built for scaling on demand, and built for use by all parts of an organization at once. Given the continuing shift to the cloud, it’s no surprise that Snowflake came out on top in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility.

The future is in the cloud

The diversity of workloads companies contend with will require infrastructure that can handle the varying requirements of those workloads, perform consistently, and scale up to meet real-time demand. We believe Snowflake offers a best-in-class cloud data warehouse that meets the needs of today’s innovative companies and is ready to scale up for the increasingly complex needs of tomorrow. Download the 2019 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study to learn more.