Snowflake Cloud Data Platform delivers data governance that traditional data lakes do not. However, customers still need to respond to demand from their business users with agility and speed, which requires striking a good balance between governance and agility.

In the world of cloud software development, continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) allow enhancements and bug fixes to be deployed without any downtime, as soon as they’re ready. At the same time, CI/CD provides version control, automated testing, change control processes, and automated release management. Having one, integrated CI/CD process led to the birth of “DevOps,” where developers’ processes also affect operations. The DevOps tool set provides one unified process for making and deploying changes that are both agile and governed.  

What if you could combine the agility of rapidly changing data ingestion and enrichment with the governance enterprises need to stay in control of their key data assets? That’s where the new DataOps for Snowflake solution comes in. Now available in Snowflake Partner Connect, DataOps for Snowflake helps Snowflake customers industrialize their data pipelines within and around Snowflake. 

Dataops for Snowflake in Partner Connect

Founded by the team at Datalytyx, DataOps for Snowflake is a SaaS DataOps solution that follows the truest principles of DevOps: agile, lean, test-driven development, and total quality management. The focus is on the value-led development of pipelines (for example, to reduce fraud, improve customer experience, increase uptake, identify opportunities). DataOps for Snowflake leverages unique Snowflake features such as zero-copy cloning to allow “feature branches” where new or changed data processes can be developed and tested. This brings governance to change, but creating a feature branch is quick to do, so it’s still agile and it protects production data from mishaps along the way. With DataOps for Snowflake, you increase governance while reducing total cost of ownership.

To deliver better data faster, DataOps for Snowflake orchestrates heterogeneous data environments where there are multiple tools and components acting on different elements of the pipeline.

DataOps welcome screen

DataOps for Snowflake complements Snowflake by encapsulating business logic, data transformations, component orchestration, automated testing, and security management all into one commonly managed Git repository. This enables teams of analysts and data engineers to work collaboratively on data pipelines and different elements or “features” of a data pipeline, just as developers collaborate on software programs today.  

DataOps Pipeline management screen

Because Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake is now included in Partner Connect, it’s easy to get a DataOps login, connect your Snowflake instance, and walk through the step-by-step process to build a data pipeline. Ingest, model, and transform open-source third-party data into your own Snowflake instance in a matter of minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be using the step-by-step instructions and videos to build your own data pipelines to ingest and model your data.

To get started, go to the Snowflake Partner Connect tab and click the Datalytyx DataOps tile.