Many organizations are realizing that their data lake has turned into a data swamp, with ploddingly slow performance, stale data, and outdated data transformation tools that prevent them from making timely data-driven decisions. 

To be truly data-driven, organizations need to modernize their data lakes and data warehouses and optimize the Data Cloud’s features of built-in flexibility, performance, security, and governance. Making sure the right data is available for your specific use cases is critical to ensure that your organization can make informed decisions.

Getting reliable data to your data lake in near real time is essential. Data pipelines are the heart of how your organization delivers the data it needs. But building reliable pipelines requires coordination between multiple systems that aren’t designed to work well together.

The Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at Scale track at Data Cloud Summit 2020 includes several sessions led by industry experts who will describe strategic and practical tactics for modernizing your data infrastructure to help ensure organizational success.

The track will discuss:

  • How to deliver data analytics at scale by building effective data pipelines that minimize latency, incorporate code and libraries written in several languages, integrate naturally with third-party services, and ensure reliable data transformation
  • Techniques for ensuring your data is tightly governed
  • Different strategies and approaches for designing your data lake in the cloud 
  • Getting value from constantly expanding data with Snowflake external tables, variant support, and an ecosystem of experienced partners
  • How to use a data catalog to understand your organization’s data needs and cater to the most important use cases
  • How a data lake solution with Amazon S3, AWS Database Migration Service, Matillion, Snowflake’s external tables, and Snowpipe can eliminate customer friction

To see a description of all the sessions in the Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at Scale track, go to the registration page for your region.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!