If your organization has decided to modernize its legacy data infrastructure to become more data-driven, and you are now planning for a migration to Snowflake’s Data Cloud, you probably have many questions.

The Migrating to Snowflake track at Data Cloud Summit includes sessions that will help you think about the strategic and tactical considerations for a successful migration, enabling you to deliver business results quickly while minimizing risk and reducing costs. Migration experts will describe best practices and present real-life examples of successful data migrations.

In addition, a migration is a perfect time to implement a democratized data culture, where anyone in your organization can make decisions based on a single source of fresh data. Also, your migration to the Data Cloud should include plans for you to share data externally with your customers and partners. 

At the Data Cloud Summit Migrating to Snowflake track, you can learn about:

  • Migration best practices, lessons learned, and outcomes from several real-life migrations. You can build on others’ experiences and reduce risk when you develop your migration plan, either on your own or with a Snowflake partner. 
  • Post-migration success stories demonstrating increased query performance, reduced resource contention, and increased workload efficiency.
  • How you can use a migration to Snowflake as a catalyst to implement democratized data analysis at an organization. Because Snowflake eliminates departmental data silos and provides a single source of truth, you can make data more widely available and empower more employees to make data-driven decisions.
  • Leveraging specific use cases to demonstrate immediate ROI after a migration. Snowflake and its partners can help determine how to accelerate business value.
  • Exciting new features that help ensure success during and after migration. 
  • Techniques for optimizing business resiliency, managing governance and security, and enabling regulatory compliance after migration.

To see a description of all the sessions in the Migrating to Snowflake track, go to the registration page for your region.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!