Snowflake’s recent Data Cloud Summit 2020 showcased exciting possibilities for using data to empower your organization.

If you found yourself wishing you could be in two places at once, you’re not alone. It was hard to choose which session to attend from so many opportunities. But the good news is that replays of all sessions are available here.

In particular, the Supercharge Your Analytics and Data Science track had a lot of compelling and informative content focused on using machine learning, BI, and AI to drive better business outcomes. Organizations that implement data science initiatives have a competitive edge because they are better able to identify trends and model future results. 

Sessions in this track demonstrated how Snowflake’s Data Cloud is designed to handle massive amounts of first-party and third-party data, support virtually unlimited concurrent usage, eliminate data silos, reduce maintenance costs, and more. In addition, Snowflake’s Data Cloud seamlessly supports and integrates the tools that data scientists rely on. 

Highlights from this track include:

  • Exciting new Snowflake features that enable you to enhance BI analytics with the power of the Data Cloud. With Snowflake, you can supercharge your BI tools, support virtually unlimited concurrent users, consolidate data, and manage expenses effectively.
  • Examples of how organizations use analytics driven by search and AI to facilitate self-service analytics, making data available to anyone and changing organizational culture.
  • Methods for using Snowflake to streamline data science and machine learning initiatives, supporting the expanding ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and libraries. 
  • The value proposition of collaboration among traditional data roles, blurring the distinction among data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers.
  • Discussions of how Snowflake enabled organizations to revolutionize customer service, supply chains, and product development by using predictive analytics and self-service analytics.

To listen to any session that you missed in any Data Cloud Summit track, go the agenda.