Data Cloud Summit 2020 featured companies that are using Snowflake to gain more value from their data in new and exciting ways. Although the Data Cloud Summit has ended, you still have the opportunity to learn from the speakers and panelists that attended the half-day conference. To view a session that you missed or rewatch a session that was particularly useful, go to the agenda.

Innovation was a key theme of the conference. One track that showcased innovation in particular was Build Apps and Data Products. This track explored how companies are using Snowflake to build new products and services that are increasing profits and creating new revenue streams. 

Here are some of the highlights from the Build Apps and Data Products track:

  • Insights from Snowflake technical leaders on where data applications are going, tips and best practices for building these apps, and why so many developers choose Snowflake to power applications.
  • A how-to session on applying architectural principles and patterns to develop data applications and overcome scalability, reliability, and DevOps challenges. The session expert detailed how to design apps that meet the demands of increasing users and analytics-oriented workloads without adding a lot of development time or wrestling with the data infrastructure. 
  • Case studies of customers who built data apps and products on Snowflake, including why they chose Snowflake, how they architected their applications, and what they learned in the process.
  • Examples of the monetization strategies of companies that used Snowflake to help build solutions that enabled customers to access their data. 
  • Insights from customers who are streamlining processes, feeding machine learning models, mitigating risk factors, and creating advanced visualizations to provide real-time risk awareness as they build data apps.

To listen to any session that you missed in any Data Cloud Summit track, go to the agenda.