How can Snowflake’s Data Cloud help business executives create a data-driven organization that supercharges growth and innovation?

If you’re a business executive, Snowflake Summit 2021 will provide detailed answers to this and many more questions that will help you gain a competitive edge. You’ll also hear inspiring executive insights and learn about industry trends that will help you develop a concrete plan for the future.

Here are some of the highlights of Summit 2021 for business executives:

Summit Opening Keynote: “Data Together Now” with Frank Slootman and Geoffrey Moore

Snowflake Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman and author Geoffrey Moore will kick off Snowflake Summit with a conversation about trends in cloud computing and how technologies cross the chasm. They’ll also share customer stories about organizations embracing the Data Cloud. Hear from these two technology luminaries about how you can fully leverage data to transform your organization and become data-driven.

Summit Product Keynote: “What’s Next in the Data Cloud” with Benoit Dageville and Christian Kleinerman

Benoit Dageville, co-founder and President of Products, and Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake’s SVP, Product Management, will share how the Data Cloud vision has become a reality and unveil the latest Snowflake innovations in five key areas: connected industries, global governance, platform optimization, data programmability, and applications enabled by Snowflake. You’ll see new capabilities in action and hear directly from customers and partners about what these new advancements mean for your business.

How to Use the Snowflake Data Cloud to Power Modern Applications

Snowflake can power advanced data applications across many use cases. In this session, you will learn common architectural patterns used by our customers and dive deep into the Snowflake features that are most useful when building and managing data apps. Speakers will cover Snowpipe, scaling workloads, performance optimizations, and securing applications.

Personalizing Customer Experiences at Data-Obsessed Companies

Companies are using data analysis in novel ways to meet fluid consumer needs. From personalizing experiences with real-time data to making programmatic optimizations for supply chains and service delivery, “data-obsessed” companies are pioneering new ways to harness data to drive improvements for their customers and their bottom line. You will learn how Kraft Heinz, Albertsons, and Instacart are leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud to drive their businesses forward by redefining collaboration, delivering better customer experiences, and creating new revenue streams through data monetization.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud for Advertising in a Cookieless World

Effective marketing and advertising are essential to driving growth, but the landscape is rapidly changing due to escalating regulatory requirements and the deprecation of third-party cookies. To succeed, businesses need to develop new, secure methods for accessing and sharing audience and engagement data. In this session with NBCUniversal (NBCU), Capgemini, and Snowflake, you will learn how the unique and innovative capabilities of the Data Cloud are enabling seamless data sharing without data copies or movement.

How to Power Rapid Transformation in Financial Services with Snowflake

Rising customer expectations, the need for digitization of mission-critical processes, increased regulatory requirements, and the fact that many companies are transforming traditional financial services business models mean there has never been a greater need to rapidly transform and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. It’s difficult for companies to address these trends head-on due to reliance on legacy, siloed technology, and processes that prevent visibility and cannot drive meaningful business decisions. In this session, you will learn about how the Data Cloud is powering financial services firms such as Western Union, Goldman Sachs, and FINOS as well as partner Deloitte.

Introducing the “Powered by Snowflake” Partner Program and BlackRock’s Journey as Founding Partner

“Powered by Snowflake” is a new partner program to help software companies and application developers become successful with Snowflake across all stages of their journey—from adopting the cloud model to growing their business to supporting ongoing operations. Join us for the launch, and hear from BlackRock about its journey with the program, including why it chose to build the industry-leading investment management platform, Aladdin Data Cloud, on Snowflake.

“Molly’s Game”: A Playbook for Resilience and Reinvention

Join Snowflake’s John Sapone, SVP of Enterprise Sales, in conversation with Molly Bloom, author of the best-selling memoir “Molly’s Game,” which was turned into a movie directed by Aaron Sorkin. Hear Molly Bloom’s story and learn how her life was shaped by resilience and continual reinvention. The conversation will cover how Molly managed risk, grew networks of people, and mastered the art of pivoting while growing her poker game from a single contact to a spreadsheet and ultimately into the most highly sought-after, $100M poker game.

The Snowflake Startup Challenge – Grand Finale

Hundreds of early-stage startups from over 50 countries who built their applications on Snowflake competed for a chance to win up to $250,000 in funding from Snowflake Ventures and gain marketing exposure. Join this session to watch as the final three companies pitch themselves to a panel of judges who will announce the grand prize winner on the spot. Judging and selecting the winner will be Benoit Dageville, Snowflake Co-Founder and President of Products; Denise Persson, Snowflake Chief Marketing Officer; Mike Speiser, Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures; and Carl Eschenbach, Partner at Sequoia Capital. To learn more about Snowflake Summit events geared towards business executives, see your personalized agenda. You can also view the full conference agenda and read our definitive guide to Snowflake Summit 2021. We hope to see you there!