Snowflake Data Sharing empowers customers to securely share data in real time without moving the data. Because data becomes exponentially more useful and powerful when it’s connected and shared, we’re taking Snowflake Data Sharing to another level by launching the new rebate program. The rebate program will not only incentivize more connection between customers, it will also help them take an important step towards streamlining and future-proofing their business models by joining the Data Economy.


It’s exciting to see the momentum build as hundreds of customers have recently adopted and are actively using data sharing. These Snowflake customers are innovating by rolling out data sharing initiatives, to share data internally, across their business units, and externally, to their partners and customers. Some of these customers are even monetizing their data and sharing it with other external data consumers. In all of these use cases, Snowflake customers are instantly and securely sharing governed data in real time within one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.  

In my role at Snowflake, I have the privilege of working with many customers on their data sharing initiatives. Let me highlight just two examples of customers innovating and benefiting from data sharing.  

Snowflake customer Blackboard is a technology company that provides software, tools and services to educational institutions. “Snowflake’s Data Sharing has had a profound effect on almost every aspect of our business,” Sr. Director of Software Engineering at Blackboard, Jason White said. “We’re able to seamlessly share data across our organization and with our business partners and customers. The fact that we can do this in real time, without having to copy or move data sets, accelerates our business processes and makes us more agile and responsive.”

Health IT company higi operates the largest ecosystem of health screening stations in North America. “As our company takes our new data insights to market to make a difference in healthcare, Snowflake’s data sharing capability will provide us and our partners a best-in-class solution to blend and deliver data assets in near real time,” higi Chief Information Officer, Greg Rumple said. “The days of cumbersome file sharing and time-lagged information are finally gone. Health analytics today are about bringing multiple valuable data sources together, and doing so quickly so the right care can be delivered to the right patients at the right time. Snowflake is allowing us to do just that.”


The emerging Data Economy requires infrastructure that enables data to securely and and seamlessly flow through ecosystems. Data is a strategic business asset and organizations that are data-driven will thrive in this new economy. At Snowflake, we see the potential for data marketplaces that enable the rapid exchange of data where end users pay data providers  to access and use data.

The data sharing marketplace of the future must be accessible for all organizations and users to fully realize the strategic value of their data. This future marketplace will enable end users to access and integrate data across organizational boundaries, and enable data providers to focus on what they do best, generating high-value data from their own products and initiatives.

The Snowflake Data Sharing Rebate program enables customers such as Blackboard and higi (or any other data provider) to continue innovating for their end users and to participate in the emerging Data Economy. With Snowflake Data Sharing and our rebate program, customers can simply charge data consumers for the value of the data they provide, without the need to estimate how often and how extensively they’ll access and use that data. The rebate program also has a significant business impact on the bottom-line cost for Data Providers. Whether they are sharing data to monetize it or giving it away to optimize supply chains, the more they share data on Snowflake, the lower their Snowflake bill will be. Share enough data and it might  even reach zero.

At Snowflake, we’re committed to help build the Data Economy and encourage our customers, who we put first, to move towards that future.

Read more about the new rebate program here.

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