If you haven’t yet reserved your spot for Snowflake’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Forum, registration is free and immediate. Register now for our virtual conference to learn how the Data Cloud is powering the future of patient care and can help your organization fully mobilize all of your data. 

Here are a few ways to prepare for our conference so that you can get the most out of it. 

Join us in your region

Each forum date features a different schedule and speakers that will address the needs of healthcare and life sciences industries regionally. Register in your region to discover insights tailored to your organization.

Map out your schedule

The agenda for each conference date is tailor-made for the different regions. EMEA and Japan will focus on life sciences. The Q&A session for each session will be live and customized for each audience.

Know before you go: The Data Cloud

Here are some resources on how the Data Cloud is helping healthcare and life sciences companies make the most of their data:

Using Snowflake, every health organization can find data-driven approaches to age-old challenges and begin building a data-driven future.

Sponsored by Snowflake, The Economist’s global survey report explores how healthcare and life sciences organizations are adapting their data strategies, engaging with the broader data ecosystem, and converting data insights into business value. 

The volume of data in healthcare is projected to grow 36% annually over the next five years. The opportunities this data will offer to patients, as well as to healthcare and life sciences companies, are limitless. 

There are five common challenges life sciences companies face in leveraging data for better therapeutic and business outcomes. Snowflake can help them achieve both.

Explore our customers and partners

We’re pleased to feature a number of Snowflake customers and partners that will be featured at the forum. Here are resources highlighting just a few of them:

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