All Your Data, All Together

Author: Jon Bock

Snowflake Technology

It’s great to have a lot of diverse data sources. However, that data doesn’t do you much good without a way to bring it together and process it.

At Snowflake we’ve built a high-powered, elastic, and flexible data warehouse built to process that data. But one of the most critical questions our customers have is how to get their data into Snowflake.
That’s why this week’s announcement at Informatica World (read the full announcement here) is so important. Informatica has an enormous amount of expertise in bringing together data. Not only traditional data from on-premises applications, but also from SaaS applications and other applications in the cloud. We’ve worked with Informatica through the new Vibe Ready Partner Program to develop the Snowflake Connector for Informatica, which was named one of the winners in the Connect-a-thon that took place at Informatica World.

The Snowflake Connector for Informatica connects Snowflake to the broad ecosystem of data available through Informatica’s data integration products. It gives Informatica Cloud the ability to automatically optimize the way that data flows between Informatica products and Snowflake, taking full advantage of Snowflake’s scalable parallel loading capabilities. That makes data available faster and more easily for analysts and applications.

Snowflake and Informatica both recognize the value of the cloud in helping organizations deal with the challenges of their data. Whether that data is “big data”, diverse, complex, or simply hard to handle, solutions built for the cloud can offer unparalleled ease of use, scalability, and time to value. Informatica Cloud together with the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse make it possible to stop worrying about the infrastructure you need to capture, integrate, and analyze their data and instead focus on how to leverage the insights it gives you.