The life sciences industry is at a turning point. According to Deloitte, “to prepare for the future and remain relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape, biopharma and medtech organizations will be looking for new ways to create value and new metrics to make sense of today’s wealth of data.” For life sciences companies using outdated legacy on-premises and cloud database systems, however, the exploding volume and variety of data pose significant management and security challenges. 

Snowflake’s cloud data platform offers the power and flexibility that life sciences companies need to turn data into mission-critical insights. Snowflake’s capabilities allow life sciences organizations to discover, collaborate, and generate value from data regardless of where it resides, allowing for new partnerships and tighter data connections across business ecosystems.

Here are five ways Snowflake can help life sciences companies drive better decision making with data.

  1. Access a diverse set of data: Snowflake can integrate structured and semi-structured data from a variety of sources, including OLTP databases, clinical applications, and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices, into a centralized repository.  From there, data scientists can use automated organization tools to analyze the data more quickly and efficiently. With Snowflake addressing diverse analytical needs across the organization, data scientists and analytics teams can unlock the insights needed to accelerate innovation at every stage of the product life cycle, from discovery and development to manufacturing and commercialization.
  2. Accelerate data performance: Snowflake can quickly and easily process information from disparate sources and organize it into a single location. With the ability to concurrently run ETL and data workloads, all while servicing data requests from multiple users, Snowflake supports diverse analytical workloads. Teams have ready access to self-service analytics and real-time data to make well-informed decisions. Fewer performance lags translate to accelerated innovation and time to market for life-saving products.
  3. Facilitate data exchange and collaboration: Snowflake can ease the secure, seamless, and governed exchange of sensitive data at scale to promote collaboration and data exchange among life sciences organizations. With Snowflake’s data exchange capabilities, built on top of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing technology, organizations can give internal and external users access to live, ready-to-query data sets without having to move, copy or transfer that data. They can also use Snowflake Data Marketplace to combine public data sets with their own data to gain data diversity that enables deeper insights and better data-driven decisions. 
  4. Improve data management and scalability: Snowflake’s cloud data platform is automated and self-service, enabling life sciences companies to focus on their core business instead of IT management. With near-zero maintenance, Snowflake provides a simple-to-use and cost-efficient solution that increases productivity. In addition, Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared data architecture separates storage and compute, making it possible to scale instantly and near-infinitely, without downtime or disruption. The system can support virtually any amount of data, workloads, and concurrent users and applications without requiring data movement or copies. 
  5. Build strong data compliance: In the life sciences industry, companies must comply with stringent regulations and quality guidelines that regulate practices in various settings to ensure medical products are safe for consumers. Snowflake supports GxP, and it helps life sciences organizations qualify their Snowflake platform so they can validate their GxP workloads. In addition, Snowflake provides an extensive portfolio of security certifications and granular controls that enable secure and governed access to all data. Organizations can also use Snowflake’s role-based access control to have strict oversight on data access.

For more information on how Snowflake enables life sciences organizations to focus on developing and delivering life-saving treatments and devices faster with a truly data-driven approach, download our ebook, The 5 Biggest Data Challenges for Life Sciences.