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What is the Data Cloud?

Over 400 million SaaS data sets remained siloed globally, isolated in cloud data storage and on-premise data centers. The Data Cloud eliminates these silos, allowing you to seamlessly unify, analyze, share, and even monetize your data.

The Data Cloud allows organizations to unify and connect to a single copy of all of their data with ease. The result is an ecosystem of thousands of businesses and organizations connecting to not only their own data, but also connecting to each other by effortlessly sharing and consuming shared data and data services. The Data Cloud makes the vast and growing quantities of valuable data connected, accessible, and available.

Enabling the Data Cloud with Snowflake

Snowflake's cloud data platform supports multiple data workloads, from Data Warehousing and Data Lake to Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Application development across multiple cloud providers and regions from anywhere in the organization. Snowflake’s unique architecture delivers near-unlimited storage and computing in real time to virtually any number of concurrent users in the Data Cloud.

The Snowflake Marketplace allows businesses to offer, discover and consume live, governed data, and data services at scale minus the latency, effort, and cost required with traditional marketplaces. Snowflake Marketplace users can access data sets from data providers such as Weather Source, Safegraph, FactSet, Zillow, and more. Snowflake for Data Exchange allows businesses to create their own version of a data marketplace to manage data access between business units, partners, customers, and other stakeholders, and across your supply chain.